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    Our impact

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    Our impact

    We work like we live in our local communities… because we do

    Our communities depend on us to deliver safe, reliable energy, but we also want to be a good neighbor. Our people live and work in our local communities and ensure we’re working together to realize a sustainable social, economic and environmental future. We partner with farmers, hospitals, universities, cities, youth programs and more to ensure our communities can see a happier, healthier future coming to life right before their eyes. Because at the end of the day, we care about generating positive and long-lasting impact in the communities.


    See the impact we’re making together with our communities.

    Cocoa fruit
    Sustainable and specialty coffee and cocoa in the Tenza Valley

    Colombia is the largest producer of mild coffee and one of the few countries that produces fine cocoa worldwide. The Esmeralda Reservoir located in the Tenza Valley is surrounded by optimal areas for coffee and cocoa crops that historically have not been used properly, and whose potential had been unrealized.

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    Road maintenance
    Investing in local infrastructure

    The road infrastructure surrounding La Esmeralda reservoir is in poor condition due to lack of maintenance by local and national authorities. As a result, people have difficulties to access health services, education and even for the commercialization of agricultural products.

    AES Colombia supports the maintenance of roads and bridges through a joint effort with local municipalities and leaders in the communities, improving mobility and the quality of life of all inhabitants surrounding the reservoir.

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    AES Gestión Social - Movilidad fluvial y terrestre para comunidades
    Sustainable mobility for communities around La Esmeralda reservoir

    AES Colombia offers a free transportation service through the reservoir with three boats and 21 ports available throughout the year, a loading plank and a ferry for the passage of vehicles. This initiative was created as a solution for the municipalities that were divided by the construction of La Esmeralda reservoir in the 80s.

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    Local suppliers development program

    In order to strengthen their businesses and improve their income, AES Colombia started an initiative with restaurant entrepreneurs in Santa Maria to help them improving their food quality and service.

    During 2019, 13 restaurant cooks and owners had the opportunity to learn "haute cuisine" techniques thanks to the teaching of the renowned chef Melanie Amaya, contestant on the show Master Chef Colombia 2015. Melanie visited the seven most representative establishments of the municipality over the course of six months.

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    DRMI San cayetano, guayata
    Actions in the Integrated Management Regional Districts (DRMI)

    To protect and preserve the water sources that feed La Esmeralda Reservoir, AES Colombia invests in territories identified as conservation areas by the environmental authority of the area. These areas are called Regional Districts of Integrated Management. Protecting this vital territory not only guarantees the conservation of water sources for power generation purposes, but also preserves the biodiversity that inhabits these lands.

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    Volunteer Fire Departmen Santa María - AES Colombia
    AES support for relief agencies

    Over time, AES Colombia has supported the relief agencies in the surrounding area to ensure that they are well trained and prepared for any situation that presents risks.

    In 2019, the Volunteer Fire Department of Santa María received contributions for COP $50 million to make adaptations to the infrastructure of the fire station and to invest in training for work at height.

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    Guajira Groceries Supply 2
    AES Colombia support for vulnerable communities during COVID-19 pandemic

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, AES Colombia has been very attentive to support the most vulnerable communities where we have operations. Aid was supplied to communities of the municipality of Uribia in La Guajira, Santa María in Boyacá and Castilla in Meta.

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