Javier Giorgio

Chief Operating Officer, South America

Javier is the South America SBU COO (Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia), a position in which he has promoted the transformation of AES operations to facilitate the delivery of sustainable and smart energy solutions in a safe and reliable way. This has fostered innovation and operational excellence throughout the organization in order to offer competitive advantages to customers.

With a long history in AES dating back to 1997, Javier has global experience and a thorough understanding of the needs of our clients in the region. Since joining the company, he has held key leadership positions. Before becoming the South America SBU COO, he was the Commercial Director of Eden, Edes and Edelap. Between 2001 and 2003, he was CEO of Termoandes and Interandes, to continue onto CEO of AES Argentina. In 2006, he was appointed General Manager of Electricidad de Caracas and, later, he became CEO and Country Manager of AES in Panama, where he led the construction of the Changuinola Hydroelectric Plant.

In 2012, he was appointed AES Andes SBU Chief Operating Officer and then in 2016 he was appointed CEO and President of the Andes SBU (Argentina, Chile and Colombia)