A history of accelerating the future of energy, together

From its founding and to today, AES has led lasting positive change in the energy sector based on its stakeholders’ most critical needs.


  • 1970: Construction of the Chivor power plant starts with the first tunnel, Chivor I
  • 1976: Construction of the second tunnel, Chivor II, begins
  • 1977: Inaugurates the first stage of the project, Chivor I


  • 1982: Inaugurates Chivor II and completes final stage of the Chivor power plant


  • 1995: Interconexión Eléctrica SA - ISA, owner of the Chivor plant, transfers all its generation assets to ISAGEN in compliance with excision contemplated in the new Electric Law
  • 1996: GENER S.A., a Chilean company, acquires the Chivor power plant and constitutes the Chivor S.A. E.S.P. society


  • 2000: AES acquired GENER S.A. and the company begins operations in the country the first time under the name of AES Chivor


  • 2012: Starts the construction of the small hydroelectric power plant Tunjita or PCH Tunjita with an installed capacity of 20 MW
  • 2016: Inaugurates PCH Tunjita
  • 2018: AES Chivor changes its name to AES Colombia
  • 2019: AES Colombia acquires the largest wind project under development in the country, the 648 MW Jemeiwaa Kai project in the Guajira region
  • 2019: Constructs and inaugurates the biggest solar self-generation project in Colombia for Ecopetrol: the 21 MW Castilla solar power plant


  • 2020: Begins construction of the 61 MW San Fernando solar plant, a new self-generation energy solution for Cenit, a subsidiary of the Ecopetrol Group