AES Colombia as a private legal entity and as an energy generating and trading company, publishes in the following space the information directly related to the public service it provides, in accordance with the provisions of LAW 1712 of 2014 (Law of Transparency and the Right to Access to information).

    Contact mechanism

    Bogota Offices
    Av. Calle 100 No. 19-54 Oficinas 901
    Santa María Offices
    Santa María urban center – Boyacá
    Telephone numbers
    (+571) 407-9555 / 594-1400
    Court notifications


    Grievance mechanism

    Assistance schedule

    Office assistance
    8:00 am-5:30 pm
    Customer Emergency Line
    24 hours

    AES Helpline

    You can contact the AES Helpline to confidentially report any concern regarding inappropriate behavior in any of our processes or learn more about our policies. To do this, you just have to go to or call toll free 01-800-5185279, a line operated by AT&T.

    Information classification

    • Classified public information: It is that information that belongs to the proper, particular and private or semi-private sphere, so that its access may be denied or excepted, provided that it is the legitimate and necessary circumstances and the particular or private rights enshrined in the Article 18 of Law 1712 of 2014.

    • Reserved public information: It is that information exempted from access to citizenship for damage to public interests and under compliance with all the requirements established in article 19 Law 1712 of 2014.

    Request for information: requests for information that take into account the established legal requirements must be made through the PQRS mechanism.

    Below you can download the file that contains the information publication scheme established by AES Colombia:

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    Mission, vision and values


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    Organizational Chart


    Organic Structure

    Salary Scale

    Performance Review

    Anti-corruption plan

    The company has a body of policies and guiding documents focused on compliance and ethical behavior, both of its collaborators and its stakeholders:


    Purchasing and Contracting

    AES Colombia's purchasing area is an integral part of a regional structure made up of three countries, called SBU Andes: Colombia, Chile and Argentina. Under this model, there are regional headquarters that report directly to the SBU Andes Supply Chain leader.

    There is an Integrated Purchasing Policy that applies to the three countries and establishes the guidelines aimed at generating transparent and objective purchasing and contracting processes, complying with current regulations and ensuring free competition with fair contracting conditions.

    Based on the approved budgets, the supply area builds the purchasing plan for a five-year horizon with periodic review.

    The purchasing plan allows grouping purchases by categories, establishing potential suppliers and defining purchases that can be managed locally (municipalities of influence of the Central).


    Supervision Mechanisms

    Administration and Financial Control

    • Investors Assembly
    • Board of Directors
    • Internal Audit
    • External Audit, Performance and Results
    • Board of Directors

    External Regulators


    • Ministry of Mines and Energy
    • Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development


    • National Planning Department
    • Mines and Energy Planning Unit


    • Energy and Gas Regulation Commission

    National Council of Operation - CNO

    • National Planning Department
    • Mines and Energy Planning Unit

    Supervision and Control

    • Superintendence of Public Services
    • Superintendence of Industry and Commerce



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    Grievance Mechanism (PQRS)

    Please note the following definitions when entering your PQRS:

    • Request: It is a request that an interested party makes to the organization for reasons of general or particular interest, to obtain information, consultation or support. It also includes a complaint about acts of third parties on company assets.

    • Complaint: Manifestation of dissatisfaction generated by behaviors or actions of an official or contractor of the company, whether of an administrative nature or inappropriate behavior.
    • Claim: Manifestation of dissatisfaction made by an interested party regarding the non-compliance, irregularity or eventual damages associated with the services, management and operation of the company.
    • Suggestion: It is an advice, proposal, idea or indication for improvement formulated by an interested party in relation to the services, management and operation of the company

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    Trade unions, associations and entities of national operation

    AES Colombia is linked to different entities considering that through these it has the opportunity to contribute to the development of the market, of the electricity sector and the economy in general:

    • Colombian Association of Energy Generators - ACOLGEN
    • National Association of Public Services Companies and Communications - ANDESCO
    • American Chamber of Commerce - AMCHAM
    • Colombian-Chilean Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    • Colombian Council of Industrial Safety

    • Council of American Companies - CEA
    • US - Colombia Business Partnership
    • National Council of Operation - CNO


    Published Documents



    Resolution 1066 Ministry of Environment - Environmental management plan


    Management and Performance

    Document Management



    Financial Statements

    External Audit Reports on Management and Results

    Procedures and Services

    Other documents

    Centrales y proyectos