At AES, we believe operating under the highest standards for corporate governance is an essential element to the success of the company.

Through oversight and review, AES’ Board of Directors works together with management to implement our mission – accelerating the future of energy, together

AES corporate governance guidelines

AES’ Corporate Governance framework is guided by our Corporate Governance Guidelines which outline policies and procedures for various Board activities and ensures that the Board has the necessary practices in place to provide oversight, review and counsel to management.

The Corporate Governance Guidelines outlines practices and procedures of the Board, including:

  • The role and goals for Directors
  • Board composition, refreshment, and director selection
  • Board meetings and involvement of senior leadership
  • Board and Committee evaluations
  • Board Committees
  • CEO performance evaluation
  • CEO and senior leadership development and succession planning
  • Strategic direction of the Company

Board of Directors

Ricardo Manuel Falú

Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer

Marcelo Aicardi

CFO AES South America

Tish Mendoza

Senior VP and CHRO The AES Corporation

María Paz Cerda

María Paz Cerda

VP Legal Affairs AES Andes

Ricardo Roizen

Ricardo Roizen




Javier Giorgio

COO South America



Italo Freitas

VP BD AES South America


Ricardo Silvarinho

Ricardo Silvarinho




Jorge Amiano  




AES Board contacts 

The Board offers several email addresses below for stockholders to send communications through the Secretary of the Company to the non-management Directors and/or the four standing committees of the Board:

AES Board of Directors: 

Compensation Committee: 

Financial Audit Committee: 

Innovation and Technology Committee: 

Governance Committee: 

The Secretary will forward to the Directors all communications that, in his or her judgment, are appropriate for consideration by the Directors. Examples of communications that would not be considered appropriate for consideration by the Directors include commercial solicitations, requests for employment and matters not relevant to Stockholders, to the functioning of the Board or to the affairs of the Company. 

Thank you for your interest in AES.