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AES Colombia support for vulnerable communities during COVID-19 pandemic

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, AES Colombia has been very attentive to support the most vulnerable communities where we have operations. Aid was supplied to communities of the municipality of Uribia in La Guajira, Santa María in Boyacá and Castilla in Meta.

AES Colombia donated food supplies to 3,627 vulnerable families, located in the areas surrounding our operations in the country: Chivor Plant: 500 for the Municipality of Santa María; 200 for the Municipality of Macanal and 50 for the Municipality of Chivor); Castilla Solar Plant: 72 for the Municipality of Betania and 135 for the Municipality of Cayacal and 2670 for 12 communities of the Upper Guajira.

Due to the conditions of la Guajira, a second donation of food supplies will be delivered to benefit the same 2670 families and 270 additional families from two other communities.

AES Colombia delivered 860,000 liters of water in April to the Wayúu communities in La Guajira. This region is a desert and the water scarcity is very high. The objective is to attain the goal of four liters of water per person.

AES Colombia donated more than COP $220 million for medical equipment for two health centers located in its influence area in Boyacá. We're working on this effort with the Santa María Municipality, the Valle de Tenza regional hospital and Asojuntas Santa Maria. The equipment is being purchased and should be installed soon.

AES Colombia people also donated more than COP $8 million to the initiative hosted by the Boyaca Department called “Boyacá Te Abraza”, an initiative dedicated to the purchase of grocery supplies for vulnerable families located in Boyacá.


Municipal Mayors, National and Department Unit for Risk Management and AES people