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Sustainable mobility for communities around La Esmeralda reservoir

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AES Colombia offers a free transportation service through the reservoir with three boats and 21 ports available throughout the year, a loading plank and a ferry for the passage of vehicles. This initiative was created as a solution for the municipalities that were divided by the construction of La Esmeralda reservoir in the 80s.

In addition to river transport, the company offers a free daily bus service that serves communities in the municipalities of Macanal and Almeida by establishing a round-trip route between the Media Estancia village and the Macanal urban area.

Currently this project is part of the daily life of the communities, including a way of transport for students, access to medical services, among other goods and services in the area.


More than 112,000 people and 14,000 vehicles are mobilized annually to provide free transport


The main partners of this project include La Naviera del Guavio, as a contracted operator for river transport, and the local municipalities of Macanal and Almeida for contracting land transport